Discount Freight Rates with Proof of Savings

At DSi, we know that we can't just promise savings. Any competitor can make claims the offer the best discount freight rates, but how do they prove it?? Our promise to our clients is we will reduce freight rates, reduce shipping costs and reduce fuel costs related to those shipments and demonstrate those savings in an easy-to-understand manner.

We have developed an integrated freight expense management program that will show you every week or month how much you are saving.

We translate your historical data into a set of benchmarks of discounts, minimum charges, costs per mile or costs per pallet for domestic surface transportation and other benchmarks such as cost per lb, cost per kilo, cost per container for air and international freight shipments. We continually measure savings resultant from our management services that reduce freight rates, reduce shipping costs and reduce related fuel costs so we can demonstrate to you the hard dollar benefits delivered by the customized logistics management program we design and implement to meet your freight shipping requirements.

These benchmarks reflect the freight rates and costs that you incurred prior to the delivery of our logistics management services program and are incorporated into our weekly or monthly freight bill audit and freight bill payment management reporting system.

Click here to see an actual set of benchmarks established from an historical assessment.

With these historical benchmarks, we are able to show, for every shipment, your historical freight rates and charges prior to the delivery of our program and then compare these charges to your actual post program freight rates and charges. The result is a straightforward report that shows you how we are progressing towards our guaranteed savings targets.

Click here to see an excerpt from an actual report.

Contact us if you do not have this kind of freight bill audit and freight bill payment and management reporting today.