Truckload Freight & LTL Case Studies

Fabrics- Textile Industry:  Case Study (LTL & Truckload)

Through the use of leveraged and professionally conducted formal RFP processes, in depth plant and facility interviews, J.I.T scheduling and internet based proprietary technology DSi's first year savings as documented by Program Savings Reports resulted in a total first year savings for this client of: one million, four hundred, eight thousand, five hundred and forty dollars ($1,408,540).  

Further savings in freight audit error recovery, fuel surcharge avoidance, GRI (General Rate Increase) avoidance and clerical staff reductions and/or redeployments in combination with a dedicated call center maintained by DSi for all logistics and planning issues has contributed to the consistent renewal of DSi's contract with this client.

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Frozen Drink Mix -Frozen Food Industry Case Study: (Refrigerated Truckload)

Through the use of DSi's load optimization software costly frozen LTL shipments were converted to truckload with stop off shipments. First year savings from managing outbound shipments from this company's 3 DC's in FL, OH & AZ totaled over $800,000. Prior to DSi's services this company shipped 75% of its shipments as Less than Truckload. Final mode mix for this client after implementation of DSi services resulted in 27% of shipments shipping as LTL, 5% of shipments shipping as full Truckload and 68% of all shipments moving in consolidated truckload with stop offs.

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Sky Lights-Specialty Building Materials Case Study: (Flatbed TL & LTL)

Client is a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential sky lights. Client shipped both LTL and flatbed truckload, with most flatbed shipment going to job sites around the country. Client sold their product principally to contractors who required flatbed deliveries to coordinate cranes for placement of sky light units on the roofs of their commercial job site deliveries. DSI Freightways leveraged their collective buying power to improve flatbed truckload costs per mile and less than truckload costs through common carriers. Total first year savings of $369,900 was achieved for this client. The DSi Freightways program provided shipment status and coordinated all delivery appointments and communication between drivers and contractors through the utilization of on line tracking & tracing technologies. This communication protocol eliminated customer charge backs to the client related to overhead cranes being on site and shipment no shows.

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