Freight Shipping Cost Management

How Competitive are your Freight Shipping Costs Today?

At DSi, we believe that freight shipping costs can be managed using a well-structured process. This process starts by providing you with an assessment including an executive "scorecard" on how well your freight rates and supply chain costs are currently managed. We measure your freight rates and expense against "best practices" and standards specific to your line of business and quantify freight rates savings opportunities through our assessment process. A Phase I assessment clearly identifies freight shipping cost savings opportunities associated with the different modes of transportation you may be using without supposition or projected changes in your current supply chain and/or distribution model.  Additional freight shipping savings opportunities in a Phase II assessment may in fact address a redesign of your supply chain and/or distribution model while still preserving the basic business rules required by customer service standards and procedures.

Establish Freight Shipping Costs benchmarks

At the beginning of a DSi freight shipping expense management program, we establish benchmarks for measuring success against your historic freight rates and costs. These benchmarks are used for measuring shipment by shipment freight shipping savings through a DSi managed program.

Best Practices and Continuous improvement

Our continuous improvement philosophy insures that the appropriate documentation and controls are in place to manage your freight rates and freight shipping costs and that the necessary reporting is available to continually monitor your costs and make incremental improvements whenever an opportunity is identified for freight shipping cost savings.

Freight shipping cost management - continuous improvement

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