Freight Bill Audit, Freight Bill Payment & Management Reporting

APMR... Probably the least glamorous, but one of the most important services we provide.


Our freight bill audit, freight payment and management reporting Systems provide the basis for evaluating the metrics of a successful Transportation Management System.

DSi provides a comprehensive freight bill Audit, Payment and Management Reporting (APMR) program that is customized to meet our client's specific logistics services, freight shipping services and cost accounting requirements. Our program addresses all modes of domestic and international freight transportation services.

Freight Rates Negotiation:


We develop client specific RFP bid packages for use in carrier freight rates negotiations, evaluate the freight quote responses, negotiate with the carriers and prepare a Bid Impact Study and management recommendation so that our clients know their options and the freight shipping costs associated with those options. Our experience at freight rates negotiation insures that our clients receive the best possible freight quotes and pricing for their specific freight shipping service requirements. Once contracts are awarded, we prepare inbound and outbound routing guides to insure 100% compliance so that all shipments are routed to program approved carriers. Our route guides are weight and service specific and provide strict and exact routing instructions to all vendors who ship material or product on an inbound collect or third party basis and for all client shipping locations shipping product on outbound prepaid or prepaid and add basis.

Freight Bill Audit:


We store all contracts in our audit database for analysis, review and auto-rating through our rating engine, thereby insuring that all invoices amounts match to the penny all contract specified freight rates and charges. These electronic contracts are the basis for our 100% audit that insures that every invoice is reviewed, adjusted if necessary and included in shipping management reports. Our historical pre-payment audit recovery ratio is 3.03%, meaning that for every dollar invoiced we find and eliminate carrier freight rate errors or overcharges of .0303 cents.

Freight Bill Payment:


Customized data capture and coding such as general ledger cost allocation coding is implemented as part of the logistics services program thereby saving our clients additional staff time and expense. All invoices are mailed to the client % DSI with all required backup for audit and data entry. Weekly batch reports and General Ledger Code Reports are sent to the client for approval. Once approved, invoices are scheduled to be funded by our clients for timely payment by DSi to insure that freight payment terms per negotiated freight rates and contracts are honored. DSi maintains proprietary freight bill payment accounts for all clients. No other client funds or DSi funds are commingled in these proprietary freight payment accounts. Clients fund their proprietary freight bill payment account by ACH or other agreed upon funding procedures. Clients have complete access and visibility into thier freight payment accounts.

Management Reporting


We implement a management reporting solution which is customized to our client's cost accounting system.  These reports include:

  1. Operational reports:
    1. Weekly batch reports of all invoices entered and audited
    2. Weekly general ledger reports for cost allocation and funding request
    3. Monthly carrier activity, current month & YTD cost per lb., per kilo, cost per mile, cost per shipment
  2. Management reports
    1. Non-compliance reports for vendor charge back administration / Lost savings opportunity reports
    2. Monthly audit savings reports
    3. Program savings reports demonstrating program benefits
    4. Year-to-date Return on investment reports demonstrating the ongoing ROI of the program
    5. Trend Data, Trend Analysis reports

Additionally, with our state of the art shipping software and logistics management reporting, we can address specific, customized Ad Hoc reporting needs whether it by business unit, geographic mode or other classifications required by our clients. These reports and the information contained in our audit database are invaluable to our clients and provide more visibility and control to their supply chain and freight shipping functions.