Freight Shipping Savings - DSi’s Guarantee

DSi's Guarantee Of Freight Savings

If we don't meet or exceed our savings projections, we write you a check for the difference.

DSi Guarantees domestic less than truckload line haul freight expense and less than truckload accessorial charges including fuel surcharge, domestic truckload line haul expense and/or international base rates and accessorial charge savings, other than fuel surcharge and security charges, will be at least seventy five percent (75%) of our original estimate of annual savings as reported in the Financial Assessment conducted by DSi. DSi will utlize national brand name carriers who will provide service equal to or better than current requirements as identified by the client.

Certain limitations may apply which will void this guarantee as follows:

  1. Any significant changes during the term of the agreement in the overall characteristics of the client's freight profile as evidenced in the Financial Assessment as provided by DSi may void this guarantee. Such changes include but are not limited to the following:

    a. Averages of: length of haul, shipment weight, number of shipments, density per package, freight class and descriptions of products shipped or received and number of and percentage of minimum charge shipments.
  2. A Program compliance ratio of at least ninety percent must be maintained for this guarantee to be valid. Ninety percent of all program freight spend must be with pre-approved program carriers. At six and twelve month intervals, a target spend of $______________ must be achieved to preserve this guarantee or a total annual target spend of $____________.

    DSi will provide monthly savings reports. Monthly savings reports rate all shipments with pre-program historical benchmark pricing and rate all shipments with post-program DSi negotiated pricing.

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