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Five Ways to Cut Shipping Costs

Posted by Robert Snowdale on Tue, Jan 15, 2013 @ 01:11 PM

Is Your Company Effectively Managing Your Shipping and Receiving Costs?

Click here 5 Key Questions to find out.

Your answers to these 5 Key Questions will provide you with a clearer understanding of how effective your internal efforts at managing shipping and receiving costs are.

Shipping and receiving costs, while not the #1 line item expense on your company’s P&L’s, should be managed as efficiently as your top line item expenses. For many companies shipping and receiving expenses are NOT managed as efficiently as top line item expenses. Purchasing decisions in this area are often made on personalities and personal preferences and not on sound business principles and practices. An undisciplined practice in this area results in unnecessary costs and companies losing a competitive edge to their competitors; especially those competitors located closer to their customers.

Transportation Spend Management (TSM) is a discipline taught for many years in business schools. Its current day application in most companies however is a bit of a “lost art”. The answers to these 5 Key Questions may be simple enough to answer but the solutions that can change your answers are difficult for most companies to implement on their own. Without the metrics and technologies necessary for a disciplined TSM practice most companies will continue to spend more than necessary , lose business to their competitors and receive less than optimum results for their efforts. 

We are Distribution Solutions, Inc. – DSi, and this is our 23rd year of working with manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers in reducing freight costs and bringing visibility to the logistics function and its associated costs. We have offered our solutions and answers to these 5 Key Questions as successfully practiced today for our clients.

How do your company’s efforts and results in managing transportation costs compare to other companies in your industry? Do you know? We do!

Call us today for a no cost, no obligation assessment of your shipping and receiving costs at 508-747-6200.

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